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Parent Newsletter

Dear Webmaster

Our program for 2015-2016 is coming to a rapid close with only 2 sessions left!  During the sessions this week, most grades will be taking their Final Assessments to provide us with feedback on how your child has retained the core learning objectives for the grade-level.  Progress Reports will be handed out during the final session. 

Your youngest child in our program will be receiving this week an application form to register for for next year.  They will also receive and application for the 2-Week Summer Intensive pilot program if they or a sibling will be in Grades 3, 4, or 5 in the Fall.  The tuition rates for the summer program will be the same as our regular program.  See the Summer Intensive Information Sheet for more details and requirements.

Please keep our 2nd Graders in your prayers as they celebrate their First Communion on April 23rd.  We thank Rosemary Christine, Dana Lepczynski, Vivian Brueckmann, Patrice Loisi, and Chris Ihde for their loving efforts in preparing the children for this special encounter with Christ. 

It is our hope that your child and family have come to have a greater understanding and appreciation for Pope Francis, the papacy, and his call to live out the Works of Mercy in your every day lives as individuals and as a family... the domestic church. 

Kevin Cody, DRE

I'd like to reiterate the perspective we hold on assessments at St. Alphonsus. We look at the assessment as being a tool to give us feedback on how well the children understand areas of our faith that we have been teaching, and to help them integrate what they have learned.  We don't give a grade.  We use the results to let the children, their parents, and catechists know what the children may have to work on.  

There are no grades given and permanent record of grades.  This is not a traditional school model where a student study's to do well on tests and receive good grades.  The objective here is grow as disciples of Christ through a deepening relationship that comes with greater understanding within a supportive community of faith. We can get direct feedback on the understanding part through the assessments, and we can create a small faith community in each classroom.  
Bishop Francis Kane a great group of young people from our parish on March 19th.  He encouraged them to
Know Jesus and your faith; 
Live your faith;
Pray your faith; and 
Celebrate your faith.

We thank Karin & John Gory, John Derby & Connor Brady, and Dave Gorski & Pam Schobert for their dedication in preparing our confirmandi for the sacrament. Thank you to Melanie Terrazas for all of the prep work for the liturgy and reception. 
For more photos go to the St. Alphonsus Religious Education Facebook Page
We were fortunate that our hunt was held before this terrible rainy/snowy/cold weather hit.  We had a beautiful morning with excited faces... some of the kids looked excited too!  We appreciate the efforts of Candy & Keith Hamilton & family for coordinating the event, which included an interactive Easter story, coffee, juice, and snacks.
For more photos go to the St. Alphonsus Religious Education Facebook Page
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