St. Alphonsus Parish - Lemont, IL
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Saturday, April 4th
10:30am at
RE Building

PS& Kindergarten
Saturday, April 25th
10:00 Tr. A & School
12:30 Tracks  A & B

4/20 & 22 (A/School)
4/21 & 23 (B & C)
6:00 - 7:30pm
[6:15pm on 20th]
Saturday, April 18th
10:00am - Noon
Parish Grounds

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 According to a recent report of the Today Show, there is scientific proof...
The cortex of the brain in people with a strong spirituality has been found to be thicker. A thicker cortex relates to higher IQ and better mental health. Kids are 40% less likely to abuse substances, 60% less likely to be severely depressed as teens if they have faith or are spiritual.
So, continue to make time for family prayer!
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Religious Education Program

Parent Newsletter

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family in good health and a good frame of mind this Holy Week as we enter into the holiest 3 days of the year... The Triduum.  I enjoyed seeing parents with their children during our family sessions over these past few weeks.  I hope that you enjoyed spending this special time with your child and with the other parents.  Believe me these years with your children will go fast, you'll wonder where they went, and you'll be glad for these moments that you spent with them.  

One of the central concepts of our faith that I talked about during our sessions was the Paschal Mystery. The link will bring you to a summary of what we mean by Paschal Mystery, and how we enter into to it during Holy Week. The Paschal Mystery, which the HolyTriduum enables us to relive, is not only the memory of a past reality; it is also a reality in our time. Christ also conquers sin and death today with his love. Evil in all its forms does not have the last word. The final triumph, the triumph of truth and love, is Christ's!  If we are willing to suffer and die with Him, St Paul will remind us in the Easter Vigil that His life will become our life (cf. Rom 6:9). Our Christian life is supported by and built upon this certainty.

I hope that you and your family will all take part devoutly in the Easter Triduum, to taste the joy of Easter with all your loved ones. 

Together in Christ,

Kevin Cody, DRE

We will have the next 2 weeks off, before returning on April 19th.  

Final Assessments will be given during the week of the 19th, and Progress Reports will be handed out during the final session.  These are meant strictly as a means to provide feedback on how the children have retained the core concepts for their grade-level.  There are no grades.

This is an opportunity to help your child bring together what they learned during this half of the year.  I have greater faith in you than a parent who recently commented that no parent reviews lessons with their children. Even though we have such busy lives, I know how many parents have expressed how important it is to them that their children develop a good moral foundation, and come to know God in their lives.

I mentioned in my letter above that time goes by so fast with our children.  We have to be careful of saying to ourselves, that we'll get to it later... often later never comes or it's too late.  Now is the time to nurture your children's faith, while they are still young... It'll only get more difficult!  

Registration Forms will also be handed out in class the week of the 19th. Anyone who has an outstanding tuition balance can get the registration form from the RE Office.
A study from the London School of Economics found that a child’s emotional health — how happy they are or their general well-being — is a bigger indicator of their happiness as an adult than financial success later in life or even educational success during their youth. A person's childhood shapes how they view the rest of their life, which can impact what makes them happy when they're older...  Emotional well-being can come in a number of ways, especially when you’re surrounded by family, friends and communities that will help you.
Here are five ways you can find happiness without spending too much money.
1. Embrace Family Game Night.
2. Text, Message, and Snapchat your family.
3. Attend weekly religious service/involved with religious community.
     ~ people who see themselves as religious or those who have a religious affiliation have higher levels of happiness.
4. Make sure you choose the right office. 
5. Get married. ~ Those in a marriage are happier since couples will unite and tackle the stresses of life together,
      lessening the burden that a single person may face, the research found.

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