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Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, the 40 days of preparation for the Easter season when Christians are called to renew their commitments to spiritual practices like Fasting, Prayer, and Alpsgiving. The season is intended as a time for personal conversion leading up to Easter. The belief is that our consistent participation in these practices - like exercise we do for our physical health - is a form of purification that improves our spiritual well-being by stripping away all that is unnecessary and by becoming more mindful of our ultimate dependence on God in our lives. Lent is an annual opportunity to grow in our faith, which means it's about much more than giving up unhealthy foods or treats, as you may have done when you were a kid. It is about abstaining from whatever is unhealthy in our lives - gossip, laziness, lack of social conscience - and, most importantly, taking concrete steps to do something more. Challenge yourself this year, and go beyond the clichés of "giving up" something. Now is a great time to take stock of your spiritual life, and to grow in it. Not sure where to start? 

Check out these 25 Ideas from Busted Halo. 



 Learn effective tips and strategies for doing Prayer at home by viewing this short, informative video.  


How to Pray @ Home 
How to Pray @ Home



 As parents, we are evangelists... we try to introduce our children to the person of Jesus, and lead them into relationship with him.  The following video explains the connection between the sacraments and our efforts to be evangelizers... for our children.  


CCH Season 1 Q&A Segments Q12: How important are the sacraments in the work of evangelization?
CCH Season 1 Q&A Segments Q12: How important are the sacraments in the work of evangelization?


Parent eNewsletter
As I write this, we are on the verge of our first Winter Storm Warning, and I've canceled our Sunday sessions.  On days like this, you can go to to see if we have canceled a session due to severe weather. I've rescheduled the the canceled session for March 1st.

I'm glad we didn't have the storm hit last weekend when we had our parish First Reconciliation celebration and Confirmation Retreat.  Both events went off very well. Our 2nd Grade children and their families were wonderful!  We thank Paul Malak & Sharon Kostes for coordinating the service, and Patty Loisi, Rosemary Christine, Vivian Brueckmann, Dana Lepczynski, Grace Smiles, Austin Maple and Chris Ihde for helping to prepare our children so well for the sacrament.  It amazes me how Fr. Tom McCarthy can maintain the undivided attention of 8th Graders for 4 hours!  He definitely knows how to talk to young people.  It was a very good retreat!

On to the next sacrament celebration...

First Communion Parent Meeting 
Tuesday, Feb. 10th 
7:00 - 8:00pm in the Church Hall
Babysitting will be available.
Let us know if you will be needing the service.

In the Eucharist, we give thanks for Christ's real presence with us today, just as during the recent Christmas season we gave thanks for God's becoming one of us in Jesus through the incarnation. I'd like to share with you a word from our Holy Father in that regard... 
Do we think that Jesus' incarnation is simply a past event which has nothing to do with us personally" Believing in Jesus means giving him our flesh with the humility and courage of Mary, so that he can continue to dwell in our midst. It means giving him our hands, to caress the little ones and the poor; our feet, to go forth and meet our brothers & sisters; our arms, to hold up the weak and to work in the Lord's vineyard; our minds. to think & act in the light of the Gospel; and especially to offer our hearts, to love and to make choices in accordance with God's will. All this happens thanks to the working of the Holy Spirit. And in this way become instruments in God's hands, so that Jesus can act in the world through us.  (Pope Francis... Oct. 12, 2013) 
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At the end of our first semester, and the beginning of the 2nd semester our children took mid-term assessments to get an idea how their kids were retaining the material that has been covered. Our catechists can tell which children's parents worked with their children.  We know how time can get away with the most well-intentioned of us.  We do, however, encourage you this semester to make a point of scheduling a regular time to go over your child's homework and material.  You have the most influence in your child's faith development... spend time now before it's too late! 
God's peace,
 Kevin J. Cody, DRE 

First Reconciliation  
A Celebration of God's Love & Mercy 


Everyone involved was impressed with our young people ... their demeanor and preparedness.  We thank our catechists who did a great job in helping their parents to prepare them... Rosemary Christine, Vivian Brueckmann, Patty Loisi, and their aides Dana Lepczynski, Grace Smiles, Austin Maple, and Chris Ihde. 



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Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes
Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes