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 Parents will join their children for an Advent and a Lenten session.  Track A classes will meet in their classrooms, and Tracks B & C will meet in the Church Hall.  Following is the schedule:

Grades 1 & 2.......... Week of Nov. 30th

Grades 3 & 4 ......... Week of Dec. 7th

Grades 5 & 6 ......... Week of Dec. 14th 

Grades 1 & 2 .......... Week of March 8th

Grades 3 & 4 .......... Week of March 22nd

Grades 5 & 6 .......... Week of March 29th 

Children in grades PS-4 who elect to participate are dismissed from the liturgy following the Opening Prayer.  They process next door to the RE Building where they listen to the readings at their level, enter into rites, prayer, and activities.  They return at the start of Offertory.

Generally, they are scheduled during the 11:00 Mass on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. Check the monthly calendar to see if there are any deviations from that schedule.  



In the Young People's Masses, children are able to take on roles in the Mass, they normally don't get to experience... such as Greeters, Ushers, Lectors, Gift Bearers, Dressing of the Altar, etc. All of the YPM's will take place at the 5:00 Saturday Mass on the following dates:


3rd & 7th grade          November 15   5 p.m.


6th grade                  December 13    5 p.m.

5th grade                  February 7       5 p.m.

4th grade                  March 7           5 p.m.


Rehearsal for readers and altar dressers is the Thursday before the mass at 5:30 p.m. in the church.     



MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER WEEKENDS IN ENGLISH: Weekends are in Burr Ridge on October 10-12 and December 5-7. For reservations, call ((
630-577-0778) or go to

RETROUVAILLE WEEKEND for Troubled Marriages: The upcoming weekend in the Chicago area is December 5-7. Call for reservations ((708-802-1830) or see for other dates and locations.

ANNULMENT PROCESS INFORMATION DAY: Fr. Joseph Tapella, the Judicial Vicar of the Diocesan Tribunal, and Mrs. Desirée Marciani, the Associate Director of The Office of Family Ministry, will conduct an annulment information seminar, on Saturday, November 15, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Blanchette Catholic Center in Joliet. Those interested in petitioning for annulment, those already in the process, and those who are just curious about annulments are welcome to attend. The annulment process will be explained and all questions will be welcome. This day does not start the process but offers a friendly atmosphere to learn what annulment means and what is entailed in the process. Participants will have a hands-on review of the Joliet diocesan annulment paperwork. Pre-register by November 7.   A $25 fee includes morning coffee, lunch, and a binder with handouts. Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m. For information and/or to register, please call (815-838-5334)



JOYFUL AGAIN! This is a two-day program for widows and widowers who want to resolve the grief they feel inside and begin to live again after the death of their spouse. The weekend employs a series of video presentations, followed by facilitated small group discussion and private reflection time. Through this process, individuals gain new insights and receive encouragement and support. Trained facilitators, who have been widowed themselves, help with the weekend and the discussions.  



The upcoming weekend will be on November 15 and 16 at Our Lady of the Angels in Alvernia Manor, 13820 Main Street, Lemont. Call ((708-354-7211) for more information or to register, or see  


The rescheduled day, last Saturday, was a beautiful day to hold our car wash to benefit the Catechist Appreciation Fund!  Much thanks to Mrs. Latz for organizing it, to the 8th Graders who tended to the cars, and to those who brought their cars by.  We raised about $450 in
good-will offerings.
October Parent eNewsletter
Happy October... and Welcome to a new religious education program year!  We were fortunate to have so many of our catechists from last year return this year, and a number of former catechists return to this important and rewarding ministry. Even so, we still had to do a little scrambling to fill our final catechist and catechist-aide openings.  We now have a good mix of wonderful people who stepped forward to help parents in passing on the Catholic faith to their children... predominately experienced catechists to mentor the smaller group of those new to this ministry. To help us to express our appreciation to the women & men who volunteer, please consider taking part in our upcoming "Shop & Share" fundraising event as a vendor or as a shopper. Details are toward the bottom of this newsletter.

It is my hope that this monthly e-newsletter will be of help to you in teaching and showing your child(ren) the Catholic way of life... the path to being the best version of themselves and to a joyful life.  You may have heard Pope Francis use the term "joy" quite often. His first apostolic exhortation was entitled, "The Joy of the Gospel" (Evangelii Gaudium).  He lays out his vision of a new chapter of evangelization marked by joy.. a joy that "fills the hearts and lives of all those who encounter Jesus."  As Catholics, the most profound moments of encounter with Jesus is in the sacraments.  This year, our theme (upper left column) will focus on Pope Francis' vision healing and communion leading to joy through the sacraments.  Doreen Dabney has begun a series in the bulletin (Sept. 14th) on "The Joy of the Gospel" and what it means to us as individuals and as a faith community. You can access this bulletin and all past bulletins on our parish website.  I will include articles and information related to the sacraments in these newsletters.

On the RE Page of the parish website you can access the class schedules, the Parent Handbook, sacrament documents, meeting & celebration dates.

New this year will be 2 family sessions for Grades 1-6... one and Advent session, and the other a Lent session. These are designed to help your family to enter into these seasons important to Catholic way of life. The dates of these sessions are listed down in the left column. 

Feel free to contact the RE Office if you have any questions or concerns.  You can make anonymous comments & suggestions in the "Feedback/Suggestions Box" on our webpage.

God bless you and your family 

 Kevin J. Cody, DRE 

As Christians, we believe that God wants us to be happy, and God wants us to be... as Matthew Kelly puts it... "the best version of ourselves." We have choices of different paths to happiness that we can take. Which of those paths will result in the best version of ourselves... what we are called to be? 

As Catholics, we believe our guide, or as the video below analogizes... our GPS... is the Church. And the calibration takes place through our participation in the Mass and in the sacraments.We see our role in the St. Alphonsus RE Program as being part of God's GPS to assist you in guiding your children to choose the right path in life, make good decisions, and be able to "re-calculate" if they go off course.  Matthew Kelly's 8-minute video below is intended for those preparing for Confirmation below but is well worth viewing for all of us as we begin our journey together this program year.  
DECISION POINT: Session 1 - Navigation | Dynamic Catholic Confirmation Preview
DECISION POINT: Session 1 - Navigation | Dynamic Catholic 
Pope Francis Moved To Tears 
With tears in his eyes, Pope Francis gave a warm embrace to Father Ernest Troshani Simoni, 84, one of the last survivors of the terrible Communist persecution in Albania.  On Dec. 14, 1963, as he was concluding Christmas Eve Mass, four officials served him an arrest warrant and decree of execution. He was handcuffed and detained. During interrogation, they told him he would hanged as an enemy because he told the people, "We will all die for Christ if necessary."

To read how the priest saved his life and healed others through his courage and forgiveness, click here 
  Saturday, October 25th
10:00am - 1:00pm 
RE Building 
If you have a product to sell, you could be one of our vendors at this fundraising event. A table fee, a donation of an item for a gift basket, and a small percentage of sales will go to the Catechist Appreciation Fund. This is a great way to make connections for your business within the St. Alphonsus community. Contact the RE Office for further details.  

This is also a great opportunity for shoppers to pick up some unique Christmas gifts while contributing to the businesses of fellow parish members. 
Last year's vendors included Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Premiere Designs, Thirty-One, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Ribbons, and Mary Kay Cosmetics.  


Video Previews:
PUMP IT UP by  Fusion
PUMP IT UP by Fusion