October 2013




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Children's Liturgy Of The Word
The 1st & 3rd weeks of the month
at the 11:00 Mass

 Children PS - 4th are dismissed at th beginning of Mass and process over the the RE Bldg to listen to the readings, and take part in prayer & ritual at their level.  They retun at the Offertory.


Young People's Mass
 Grades will be hosting Masses according to the schedule below.  Children will have an opportunity to participate in the liturgy in a special way... as Greeters, Ushers, Lectors, Gift-Bearers, and Altar-Dressers.  Parents will receive an e-mail prior to sign-up.

7th Gr.   Oct. 20th   11:00am
6th Gr.   Nov. 9th     5:00pm   
5th Gr.    Dec. 14th    500pm
4th Gr.    Feb. 15th   5:00pm
3rd Gr.   Mar. 22nd   5:00pm

New Safety Procedures
We are in the process of putting together a new building safety and emergency plan.  Following are some of the steps we are taking at present:

~ Every room will have a map posted identifying the way out for that class. Exit paths should be obvious and kept free of obstruction.  We will conduct evacuation drills.

~ The cloak rooms in the RE Building are to be used in the event of a lockdown.

~ Lemont Police squad cars will have a file with the  RE Session schedule, class lists, and contact phone numbers.

~ The doors and windows on the rooms will be numbered so as to be identified by emergency person.

~ There will be only one entrance that will be used to gain entrance to the two buildings... The East Entrance of the RE Building, and the Walnut St. Entrance to the Parish Center.

~ Anyone coming into the building during sessions, must report to the RE Office.

~ Students leaving early must provide a note indicating who will be picking them up.
~ Whoever is picking them up must report to the office, and the office help will retrieve the student from the classroom.

~ Make sure when you enter or exit the buildings during sessions that the door shuts completely and is locked behind you.

~ Tell your children that our building is safe because... Don't open the door for strangers during the session, and close doors completely.  Anyone at the West entrance of the RE Building or at the Parish Center entrance should be instructed to go to the East entrance of the RE Building.  Tardy students may be let into the Parish Center during sessions. 




Hospitality Room
Following sessions on Sundays!
Pastries, coffee, juice
in 4th Grade Room

To help pass the time between the end of the session and the
11:00 Mass



St. Alphonsus RE Program
Parent Newsletter
Welcome to a new program year of parish assistance in child and family faith formation.  Our theme this year is "Strong Catholic Families = Strong Catholic Youth".   Accordingly, this is a good opportunity to pause and ask yourself, "What can we do right now and throughout this school year to strengthen our faith life in our home?"  Are the 90 mins my child spends in RE class 20 times during the year enough for his/her faith formation?
Studies have shown that families grow in faith when they
  • TALK with each other about their faith.
  • PRAY together in ways that are comfortable & comforting
  • RITUALIZE the important milestones of life... big & small
  • REACH OUT in service & support to other in the community

The question becomes, where do we begin? or, What else can we do?  

We have registered to an amazing website that offers numerous simple ideas for families to approach the 4 activities above... Vibrant Faith @ Home.  Click on the link in the left column to check out the website.


It has always been our policy to assign some homework so that our chldren touch the subject matter during the week.  This year, the assignments will include more activities for them to do with you or with the family as a whole.  It is our hope that your family has fun with them.


I am so very thankful for the good people who stepped froward to volunteer to be catechists this year.  We had a lot of positions to fill this year, and I'm happy to say that every lead catechist and catechist-aide vacancy was filled!  Not only that but we had more volunteers than positions. You can view a listing of our catechists and their contact information by clicking here. Make a point of introducing yourself to your child's catechist... You are now a team!


 God bless you and your family in this new program year!

Kevin Cody, DRE

Little Tykes for Christ
An event-based faith formation program for Pre-K children


 Our first event will be an All-Saints celebration on
Saturday, October 26th
10:00 - 11:30am
in the Church Hall
To get more details and to register
click here





The Benefit Of Religion
Why Faith Is Positive for Society 

It seems to be popular today, especially amongst young people, to blame society's woes on religion.  Certainly, religious fanatics have been a source of tension and conflict.  But religion has been a great influence on society over the ages, and it continues to have a positive impact today.  Our young people have to be made aware of the value of religion or they will continue to turn their backs on it.  Following is an article from the Zenit news service...

[Rome, ]

Events in Egypt may well raise concerns again about the role of religion in society. While extremism or violence in the name of religion is certainly deplorable, overall religion is a positive influence.

This was made clear in a book published late last year by Rodney Stark, a former professor of sociology and author of numerous books on Christianity's impact on society.

In his book, "America's Blessings: How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists," (Templeton Press), Stark insists that all the claims he makes for the positive impact of religion are backed up by reliable research.

There is a substantial body of evidence that social behavior is greatly influenced by religion, said Stark. He put at 247 the number of studies published between 1944 and 2010 that found a positive effect of religion on reducing crime, deviance and delinquency.

One survey found that young people who never attend a church are about four times as likely to have been picked up by the police compared to those do go to church. The positive impact of religion holds for both whites and African Americans and across the varying levels of education and income.

[To read the entire article, click here]
An Easy Method of Prayer With Your Child 
Even though the speaker talks about this is a prayer with your preschooler, it's a prayer that can work with much older kids as well.

Five Finger Prayer | Sunday School | How to Pray
Five Finger Prayer | How to Pray
Encounter Middleschool Bible Study
      Take a peek at the new Bible Study for middle-school that we are using for 7th & 8th Grade this year.  So far, our catechists are excited about the Encounter series.
           Encounter by Mark Hart (Teaser)            
                Fr. Robert Barron gives his theological and spiritual reflection on the newly released movie.
Fr. Barron comments on Gravity (spoiler alert)
(spoiler alert)


 No sessions the week of 11/24 (Thanksgiving Break for schools)
We WILL have sessions the week of 12/1